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Greek food at Riverside studios – London Saturday 20 Nov

November 15, 2010

Everybody is aware of Ancient Greeks and its importance for the arts and culture! But what is going on in the Greek arts world today?

This you can find out at Ekon Festival which is its third year and continues to present us with Greek contemporary art and music. This year it’s hosted at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith London and because we Greeks love our food, yes you didn’t think I was going to blog about something without mentioning the magic word, your ticket will include Greek nibbles as well in the price.

The chef behind Greek Cookery Class and Greekfoodlovers’ Supper Clubhas prepared a menu of three things for you to nibble, the famous tyropittakia made with Greek feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil and Greek Yoghurt, melomakarona for those with a sweet tooth and Greek meatballs you simply cannot stop yourself from eating.

For details on the programme visit:

To buy tickets get in touch with Riverside Studios: