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Garlic Trail

May 19, 2010

There are some foods that are smelly and they stay with you like a stalker! Even though, I use garlic in cooking, I don’t like the smell it leaves behind when I eat it raw. So yesterday, when we had our Greek Cookery Class ( two of the participants were making tzatziki. The famous Greek yoghurt dip with lots of garlic in it was one of the side dishes we prepared in the 31st Greek Cookery Class yesterday.

This is one of the most known and adored sides or dips when it comes to Greek cuisine, and what we do in the class usually, is that I let the participants making the tzatziki decide how much or little garlic to use. This time, the two tzatzikia we made had 2 different strengths in garlic. One had a very strong garlicky taste, almost leaving a slight burning sensation on your tongue and definitely killing any cold and the other tzatziki was a bit milder.

Nevertheless, the aftermath of the tzatziki is that no matter how tasty it is and fills your pitta bread really nicely together with the soutzoukakia and fresh tomatoes and peppers, it leaves a garlic trail that is impossible to erase. image

Once a participant to the Greek Cookery Class asked me, what can we do to eliminate the garlic taste afterwards? I replied nothing, leave the garlic out is what you can do, but then the tzatziki is not a tzatziki anymore, but something else.

You can try eating lots of apples, chewing on parsley leaves and stalks, chewing and swallowing cloves and drinking lots of water, but the garlic smell will still leave a small trail behind!

So just remember that garlic is good for you! It’s got antibacterial qualities, prevents heart disease and high cholesterol, well the list is so long I could go on for pages…

The Greekfoodlovers’ Supper Club on 5th June will definitely have some tzatziki, for full menu and details how to book your slot visit:

PS you don’t have to eat the tzatziki if you don’t want to:)

Supper Club with home cooked Greek food

May 19, 2010

It’s been a fantastic and challenging year to teach Greek Cookery Class and with over 30 classes, who’d have thought it would get this far? Doing different dishes every time and having both new customers and lots of repeat customers, every class has been a joy to teach, because everyone who comes in makes it so much fun!

In the most recent classes we’ve had Fage sponsoring us with Greek Total Yoghurt and O’Sheas of Knightsbridge with top quality meat for the stifado and meatball/soutzoukakia classes.

But now I’m taking a short break before announcing the next Greek Cookery Class, for two reasons. Next month I’ll be competing for ITV’s Britain’s Best Dish with a Greek dish and I’ll be running my first Greekfoodlovers’ Supper Club in London. So I need to focus all my energy on cooking on tv in a competition…. (gulp) and preparing a lovely menu of home cooked Greek food for my first Supperclub in London. But soon enough the next Greek Cookery Class date will be announced.

In the meantime the menu for my Greekfoodlovers’ Supperclub is here:

Come and join us for the best home-cooked Greek food London has to offer