Beyond cooking – giving food and warmth!

Since this summer we are a small group of women in the UK and the rest of Europe who have collected clothes, toys, shoes, medicines and food to send to…… Greece! 

Yes, Greece in Europe, where the need is extreme for warm clothes, food and money to pay for heating. There is a small town in Northern Greece, in Makedonia, called Drama; a charity there gives clothes, food and helps poor families and homeless people who have no money for basic healthcare, food, or heating. They were initially helping abused women and children but have stretched out to help more people in need as the crisis in Greece has left many without jobs and without a home.

If our boxes help a family give food and warmth for their children instead of sending them to the orphanage, then that is a small step forward, though more work needs to be done. But it’s a start. This is the first effort, I am doing, to organise a group of us to collect, money, clothes and food to send for a good cause. If all goes well I will try and arrange another collection of clothes and food parcels. There is a lot of help in the bigger cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, but the resources are fewer for the small towns out in the country and they need our support too.


So far we have approximately 20 boxes that will be transported from UK to Greece, I have found a company to do the transport of all our boxes free of charge. I now need to find transport from Amsterdam and Germany, but hopefully it will be arranged, we are working on it. There is a money collection going on as well.

I am just really saddened and angry with what is going on in Greece the last few years, I have heard too many stories of healthy people who have taken their lives, or plan to, because they have no means of making a living and put food on their table. People have been stolen of their dignity and rights to work and to earn a decent living and to provide shelter and food for their children. The Greek government has since long ago on purpose forgotten its citizens, disregarded them, their focus is how to save money and ignore how young people die of hunger, racist violence and suicide. It breaks my heart each time I hear children being dropped off at the orphanage, because parents cannot afford to feed them..

A warm big thank you for those who have packed up your clothes, children’s toys and bought some food, soap and toothpaste to be sent off. Your thoughts and help is much appreciated and needed, and will put smiles on people!

Thank you



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