Greek wine clichés

I’ve never been a big fan of alcohol, but I do occasionally like a good glass of wine with my food, or a nice cocktail after a hard day’s work or a cold beer with my pizza…. But the units I drink, are maybe five a year!! Yes, you read me right! I probably use more alcohol when baking and cooking, than drinking.

You may remember if you follow this blog religiously, that a couple of years ago I wrote about Greek food clichés and it turned out to be the most popular post I’ve ever published. (If you want to read the post it’s here again: ) One thing I didn’t mention on there, was the ouzo, I’m no big ouzo fan either, but I love using tsikoudia when I make garides saganaki for instance, a tomato sauce with loads of melted feta cheese in it and prawns and some chillies.

But what surprises me is that when I mention Greek wine, non-Greeks react in a way which is not particularly positive, as there is no chance that Greek wine is  or could taste any good. I have also noticed this with a local wine shop that I used to refer my guests and students to, so that they could buy some Greek wine for the cookery classes or the supperclubs I run, but each time they went there to buy their Greek wine, they were told it had run out, they were out of stock and now recently they are not stocking it again because…. well as they said who wants Greek wine?

It’s a shame that not only is London misrepresented big time when it comes to real Greek food and by that I mean food that has quality, flavour and taste and actually is Greek, but we seem to be having the same problem with people disbelieving that there is any good and qualitative Greek wine out there. Maybe not in your local, or my local off licence, maybe not in the Greek restaurants around town and maybe not even in your supermarkets.

But the point is that there is excellent Greek wine available, in Greece and also in the UK. There are UK based distributors of Greek wine and through the years I’ve tried to team up with some of them to offer some fantastic Greek wine with some of my Greek food that I cook. Finally, it’s happening at the end of the month when you get to try two organic Greek wines from Paros and loads of  home-made Greek meze and desserts to pair it with.

Details for the Greek wine and food tasting event are here:



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2 Responses to “Greek wine clichés”

  1. Philip Ferris Says:

    One way to enjoy our ouzo is by soaking cut strawberries in it, then eating the strawberies.

  2. Elisavet Says:

    Oh that sounds really nice, and then I guess you get slightly tipsy as well!

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