Food and music

Two of the things that mean a lot to me, apart from the people I love, are music and food. I did say things…. didn’t I? So when I was asked to DJ for a whole Saturday night at the Playtime Bar in Angel London a few weeks ago I decided to bring along some homemade baklava and share it with the crowd!

Greekfoodlover's homemade baklava

Needless to say, it went down pretty well, as did the music.

The only rule when it came to the music was to avoid dance and the top 40 chart music, so I was allowed to play pretty much anything else. I started writing down most of my playlist, but after 3 hours I lost the patience. I played a lot of Greek tunes and a lot of music which is classed as world music, folk and even traditional. I think I covered pretty much every continent and had a lot of Greek people coming up wondering what was going on…this was not a Greek bar and they were hoping I’d be back and play more.

My collection of music is not that big and I was getting requests, for more Demis Roussos and Eleftheria Arvanitaki. The repertoire included artitsts like Mihalis Hatzigiannis, Coumba Gavlo, Kaki King. Lhasa, Yemen Blues, Orchestre Poly Rytmo, Mairi Linda, Imam Baildi, Little Richard, Stelios Petrakis, Kamel El Harachi, Eleni Vitali, Valkyrien Allstars, Massukos, June Tabor, Air, Björk, Aurelio Martínez, Sofia Jannok, Henri Madoré, Jose Gonzalez, Nikos Papazoglou, Soul Science, Living Colour, Youssou N’Dour, Rachid Taha, Nikos Vertis, Stelios Kazantzidis and many many more.

Greekfoodlover DJing

Greekfoodlover DJing

For dates on the next DJ gig or my Greek Cookery Class please

©E Sotiriadou 2010


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