Supper Club with home cooked Greek food

It’s been a fantastic and challenging year to teach Greek Cookery Class and with over 30 classes, who’d have thought it would get this far? Doing different dishes every time and having both new customers and lots of repeat customers, every class has been a joy to teach, because everyone who comes in makes it so much fun!

In the most recent classes we’ve had Fage sponsoring us with Greek Total Yoghurt and O’Sheas of Knightsbridge with top quality meat for the stifado and meatball/soutzoukakia classes.

But now I’m taking a short break before announcing the next Greek Cookery Class, for two reasons. Next month I’ll be competing for ITV’s Britain’s Best Dish with a Greek dish and I’ll be running my first Greekfoodlovers’ Supper Club in London. So I need to focus all my energy on cooking on tv in a competition…. (gulp) and preparing a lovely menu of home cooked Greek food for my first Supperclub in London. But soon enough the next Greek Cookery Class date will be announced.

In the meantime the menu for my Greekfoodlovers’ Supperclub is here:

Come and join us for the best home-cooked Greek food London has to offer


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